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360 live streams are quite simply a 360 Video that utilises live streaming technology to allow anyone with an internet connection to watch your event in real time. There are multiple platforms to host a live stream on, with the most popular being on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Twitch.

Viewers can watch the stream with a mobile phone, computer or with a VR headset. The direction of focus is controlled either through dragging on a mobile/computer device, or by looking around with a headset – which delivers a much more immersive experience.

"Live video is one of the things I’m most excited about, because it is so raw and visceral."

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook


360 live streams are an engaging media format that is great for showcasing your
event from a unique perspective, while reaching a wide audience.


360 live streaming combines the immersive 360 video experience with the wide reaching power of live streaming to deliver an engaging event experience to a wide audience. 360 videos are excellent at making you feel like you are really there, making it perfect for live streaming as you can feel like you are actually attending the event.

360 live streams vastly increase the number of people who can ‘attend’ your event. By live streaming your event you will be tapping into a global audience and attracting viewers who would be physically unable to visit, or are generally inclined to not attend events in person.  Using a 360 live stream can significantly increase your ticket sales by either by selling ‘virtual tickets’ alongside your regular tickets, or by selling live stream tickets after you have already sold out. Alternatively, offering a 360 live stream is a great way to market your event and build awareness for future events. While 360 live streams can make you feel like you are there, nothing really beats being there in that atmosphere in person and it has been found that among those who watched a live stream of yearly event, 30% went on to attending in person the following year. (1)

Another great feature of a 360 live stream is its ability to give viewers the chance to see your event from an angle they would never be able to get in person. Music festivals like Coachella lets viewers experience the event from the stage. Formula One recently completed a 360 live stream with an angle from the paddock – an area normally restricted to the public. The NBA regularly live streams their content in VR and unique camera angles such as from court-side.

360 live streaming offers many benefits to forward thinking event planners. As VR and 360 content continue to grow and become more integrated into our everyday lives, events that are wanting to push the boundary of their event experience will be looking to utilise this exciting new technology.

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360 live streams are an excellent media format for connecting with consumers,
building a community and reducing organisations event costs.


As discussed previously, 360 live streams offer events several exciting ways to deliver their experience to a large audience. 360 live streams also offer businesses several exciting new ways to connect with their audience, market their products or services and to reduce expenses.

It is expected that roughly 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2019 (2) and 78% of online audiences are already watching live streams on Facebook, (3) who is aggressively pushing live streamed content. It is clear that as time goes live streaming will become more important to companies and for good reason. Build a community of passionate fans is the pinnacle of a business’s marketing strategy and 360 live streams offer an excellent way to accomplish this due to the ability to interact in real time with viewers. Live streams are great at interacting with your fans and Facebook has revealed that users spend x3 more time watching live content and comment x10 more. (4) ‘Behind the scenes’ or Q&A live streams are an effective way for companies to connect with their fans and to deliver content that feels authentic.

There are also benefits to hosting a 360 live stream for your organisations private event, presentation, training session or meeting. A live stream is an effective means of reaching a large amount of your staff in a format that gives them a ‘front row seat’ to your event. Using a live stream also reduces expenses significantly, as there are minimal travel costs and there is no need to rent out a venue. It also has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, something that grows more important for businesses in the 21st century. Finally, live streamed content can later be re-purposed for marketing, future training or just to keep a record of the event.


Quick Stats

A study was conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in 2018 and found that live streaming is already popular and growing yearly.

  67% of consumers have watched a live stream in the past.

 47% report increasing their live streaming use since last year.

   70% of consumers that consume live streams do so daily.

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360 Live Streaming Service

At Virtual Dream we offer services to comprehensively cover every step of the live stream experience. The first step is starting a dialog to figure out what your end objective is with using a 360 live stream, and for your event in general. We take this into account in offering advice on how to best meet your goal with our 360 live stream service, or by utilising our other services such as VR Event Hire, 360 Photography and/or 360 Video (drone footage available).

Prior to the event beginning, we arrive early to begin setting up our cameras in strategic locations and to ensure the live stream runs smoothly. During the event we will be constantly monitoring the live stream and cameras to ensure that the entire stream functions without a hitch.

Afterwards if desired we can send through a high quality recording from the live stream, known as a VOD (Video On Demand). This VOD can make for excellent future promotional material and we offer editing services to ensure you end up with a highly refined video.



Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
We strive to find innovative ways to incorporate VR technology into companies, projects and events.



Easily host & share your live stream on your preferred social media platform.



Our professional staff will facilitate the live stream and ensure it runs effectively.



We use industry standard hardware & software to stream in 4K resolution.



We live stream at a smooth 30FPS using H265/H264 video compression.



Multiple microphones allow us to sync audio sources with their location in the live stream.



After your event is streamed, we can create & edit a video of the entire stream.



We offer a huge range of services. Here are just a few of the many great things we have to offer!
We can tailor a service for just about every need!



Our professional grade equipment allows us to capture and stream your event in 4K resolution at a smooth 30FPS. Our trained staff will manage all parts of running the live stream so you can focus on running your event.


We take pride in our quality service and knowledge in using 360 live streams. We offer consultation services in recommending how to best utilise a 360 live stream to engage with your audience.

VOD Production & Editing

After your live stream has been completed, we can take the footage from the stream and edit it to create a VOD. This VOD can be reused in multiple ways, meaning your 360 live stream will continue to benefit you well after it is finished.


We offer 360 live streaming support for YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Each platform has its own use case depending on your social media presence, target audience and desired goal.


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Industry Usage

Every year more organisations are starting to experiment with 360 live streaming with many
already beginning to see positive results, as seen in these examples.



The NBA is known for being an innovative company that likes to experiment with upcoming technology and has now been utilising VR live streaming for three years to stream a portion of their games. While currently the VR stream is only 180 degrees, every year the NBA VR stream continues to improve as they take on feedback and there are plans to upgrade to full 360 live stream as soon as consumer hardware and bandwidth improves sufficiently enough.

Currently, the VR stream has its own dedicated commentators and director who changes between various shots if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. Stats can be bought up by looking to the left or right of the game stream and a scoreboard by looking up. The most compelling feature of the NBA VR live stream is how it can draw you in and make you feel like you really are at the game, as well as offering viewers the ability to see the game from angles that they normally would never see. Slam dunks look so much better when you feel like you are actually standing below the hoop and reviews have generally been positive towards the NBA VR experience.

“This is a landmark event for us and will give fans the feeling of sitting courtside.”

Jeff Marsilio – NBA’s Vice President of Global Media Distribution 




Once a year, one of the largest technology conferences in the world is hosted by the CRM company Salesforce in San Francisco. The four day event has hundreds of keynote speeches on numerous amounts of topics, with the general aim of utilising technology for social good. It also includes product launches, panels with industry leaders and demos. In 2017 they had ~171,000 attendees (5) and while this is impressive, it was their live stream that posted even more staggering numbers. Over 12,000,000 viewers watched the event from the comfort of their house, (6) perfectly illustrating how using a live stream can be used to engage with a far higher amount of people than would otherwise be possible.



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