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There is a common saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. A 360 photo that captures everything around you from all angles is therefore worth many words more than that. By capturing a scene from all angles you can efficiently convey the entire story of the moment in an engaging format that draws viewers into the shot. Like 360 videos, 360 photos can be viewed through a computer/smartphone by clicking/touching and dragging to control the camera. If using a smartphone, you can hold your phone up and move it around as if you are the camera. For maximum immersion and impact, however, it is recommended to use a virtual reality headset such as an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, etc. Using one of these devices is the ultimate way to view all virtual reality experiences, including 360 photos.

"There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?"

Zaha Hadid


360 photos allow viewers to experience the world from all angles in an immersive
media format that attracts more interest than regular photos.


360 photos are the perfect way to capture moments that you want others to re-experience as if they are truly there themselves. Compared to traditional photography, 360 photography builds immersion and engagement by taking viewers into the heart of the scene and giving them control over where they choose to focus on. They are also much more efficient at conveying a greater amount of information in a single photo due to capturing the location from all directions. Additionally, they are perfect for marketing purposes, generally generating more interest in your content as people are more interested in consuming media in to virtual reality formats such as 360 photos, especially younger generations. (1) Another use case is constructing a Virtual Tour of your establishment by having multiple 360 photos linked up to show off your facilities. 360 photography can be used in a massive range of businesses, with almost any company being able to benefit from it in some way – even if it’s just a 360 photo on their Google Maps listing.

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Each completed project makes us eager for more as Virtual Reality is something we are truly passionate about.
We strive not only to improve but to innovate and bring new ideas, experiences & technologies to life.


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360 photos offer several key advantages over regular photos. In comparison they are more
engaging and interesting, as well as performing better on several metrics.

The Evidence

For any business that has a physical store, 360 photography can boost the amount of interest you generate online and subsequently the amount of customers you bring in. A study analysing 1000 respondents was conducted by Ipsos MediaCT & Google (2) to determine the impact of search listings for local businesses and they found that the internet and more specifically wbesites/apps like GoogleMaps are used frequently by consumers. The information from GoogleMaps is important in prompting an in person visit to the business. Google is by far the most popular search engine with a ~78% market share (3) and GoogleMaps listing are ranked highly in their searches. Therefore it is critically important to make sure you stand out, as 84% of consumers can recall photos from GoogleMaps business listings. Using a 360 photo rather than a normal photo in your GoogleMaps listing means you have a much better chance at grabbing a potential customers attention and enticing them into your store and/or creating a memorable impression upon them.

Another benefit of 360 photos is their ability to give customers the option to “try before they buy”. Allowing customers to get a preview of a product/service you offer builds consumer trust and ultimately they are more likely to go through with a purchase. Instead of showing your potential customers your product, take them there with an 360 photo.


Quick Stats

There are distinct benefits to using 360 photos over regular photos, especially when it comes to marketing. An analysis (4) of over 1000+ ad campaigns compared them to normal photos:

 +300% CTR (Click through rate)

  +410% ROI (Return on investment)

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360 Photo Production

We offer services at each step of the 360 photo production process: capturing, editing & distribution. If you are interested in 360 photos but aren’t sure on how to utilise it, we also offer consultation services for incorporating it into your business. If you do have an idea, we can offer advice on how to best achieve your goal with the power of the 360 medium.

Once the planning stage is finished we move onto production: with our professional grade cameras we will shoot your desired locations in beautiful 8K resolution. Afterwards, we will edit the photos according to your desires. We offer stitching, colour correction & addition of 3D graphics. The final step is distributing the photos, in which we will send you the edited shots in a lossless high-quality format to ensure you end up with the best possible version of the 360 photos. We streamline the entire process so that you are left with your 360 photos as soon as possible.

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Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
We strive to find innovative ways to incorporate VR technology into companies, projects and events.



Our high quality equipment ensures your photos remain as stable as possible.



Take to the sky’s and record your whatever you desire in spectacular 4K Ultra HD.



We take photography to the next level, with our camera allowing up to Ultra HD 12K.



Our content seamlessly integrates with anything including PC, mobile, tablet and major HMD.



Capture the liquid world in all its beauty with our water proof cameras.



Our professional editing software will leave you with a refined and quality video.



We offer a huge range of services. Here are just a few of the many great things we have to offer!
We can tailor a service for just about every need!


Photo Capturing

Using professional grade cameras and equipment, we are able to output incredible panoramic photos showing everything in superb detail and giving the user the most immersive experience possible.

Underwater Footage

Got an underwater location you can’t shoot? No problem! We have waterproof camera rigs capable of capturing beautiful footage. We have licensed divers on hand to ensure a quality result every time.

Drone Footage

Take your video into the sky with the use of drones! If you have a location for shooting that you think would be best viewed from the air, we are able to provide 360 aerial footage with our drone and licensed operator.

Post Production

We are able to provide end to end service not just the basic stitching, editing, colour correction & 3D graphics. We aim to leave you with a professional looking product that satisfies all your needs.


Our team can help you create multiple ways apply your 360 experience. We offer support in integrating 360 photos into all your platforms so that it can be easily accessed by your target audience.


We pride ourselves on quality service. We offer support and consultation services to businesses and production teams that are wondering how to best use our services and incorporate VR into their existing business structure.


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We’ve been around the world and captured so many amazing events and locations.
Here are just some of the brilliant scenes we have experienced.



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Industry Usage

360 photography has a truly incredible range of diverse use cases – there are very few businesses that could
not incorporate it at some level. The following is just a few examples how 360 photos can be used.



The popular and widely renowned electronic music festival held in Belgium attracts a crowd of over 400,000 per year. Since 2016 Tomorrowland has begun to release 360 photos from the festival in the form of a Virtual Tour, which have proven to be immensely popular. The 360 photos manage to capture the experience succinctly, giving viewers an opportunity to get a sense for what it would be like to be among the wild crowd and the intricately decorated stages.




A series of studies investigating the use of virtual reality in real estate has found that it has many benefits such as greatly increasing online interest and helping buyers in their decision when selecting property. (5) People are also beginning to readily adapt to virtual reality in real estate, with 67% of people wanting more businesses to use virtual tours and 54% of buyers saying they would not look at a property unless it used virtual images. Using 360 photos develops trust from buyers, who feel it gives them a more accurate representation of the house.




Research has found that having a 360 photo tour on a hotels website boosted booking numbers and increased look-to-book conversion rates up to 67% from 16%. (5) With an impact like that, it isn’t surprising that hotel chains like Marriott have been quick to integrate 360 photos into their company. They’ve also experimented with giving guests VR headsets and allowing them to travel to various worldwide destinations from the comfort of their room. This was resoundingly popular and 51% of guests trying this said they would like to see more VR at Marriott hotels. (6)



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