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At Virtual Dream we offer high quality 360 video production and editing services
to help improve your business through creative solutions.


360 videos are highly interactive and immersive videos that represent the next step in the evolution of media. They are constructed by capturing footage with multiple cameras from various angles and fusing them together in a process called ‘stitching‘. This results in a seamless video lets the viewer look around in all directions. The footage can then be viewed through a computer or smartphone by clicking/touching and dragging to control the camera view, or alternatively if using a smartphone you can hold your phone up and move it around as if it was the camera. For maximum immersion and impact, however, it is recommended to use a virtual reality headset such as an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, etc. Using one of these devices is the ultimate way to view all virtual reality experiences, including 360 videos.


"Virtual Reality was once a dream of science fiction. But the internet was also a dream and so were computers and smartphones."

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook


By taking viewers into the centre of the captured scene and giving them control over the attention of the video,
360 videos deliver powerful & engaging experiences.


360 videos have use cases in a diverse range of contexts and industries due to it being an excellent medium for telling a compelling story. As a result of placing viewers in the heart of the experience and allowing them to interact with the video, viewers are immersed into the scene like never before. It offers a truly unique format of media that facilitates greater engagement with viewers, with 53% of people saying that 360 videos can help create engaging experiences. (1) It has also been demonstrated to be particularly effective in evoking emotional responses in comparison to traditional 2D videos. (2)




Each completed project makes us eager for more as Virtual Reality is something we are truly passionate about.
We strive not only to improve but to innovate and bring new ideas, experiences & technologies to life.


Google Street Views


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360 videos are a highly engaging and cost-effective asset for promoting businesses in the digital age.
This is backed up by multiple studies investigating its effectiveness.


In a world more saturated than ever before with advertising, a 360 video can make your product stand out from the competition. There are many benefits over regular video ad. For example, a study done by Google compared a regular video ad with a 360 version of the ad. They found the 360 video had: 46% more views, a higher amount of shares, it led to more subscribes on the companies YouTube channel and most critically generated a 41% increase in earned actions leading to a sale. (3) Additionally, the interactive nature of the 360 video led to a much higher engagement rate from the viewers.

Furthermore, a study by YuMe found that among those who had tried 360 videos: 51% said they would be more likely to engage with an ad if it was in 360 format, 58% said they would like to see more 360 video content online and 54% said they pay more attention to videos in 360 degrees. (1) An analysis of over 1000+ ad campaigns using VR found a +46% VCR (Video completion rate) and a +14% ROI (Return On Investment) for 360 videos compared to normal videos. (4)


Quick Stats

A case study by MagniFyre & StoryUp (5) compared a 360 video to a standard video and found it was highly effective:

  CPM (Cost-per-impression) was lower for the 360 video ($4.20 vs $1.74)

 CTR (Click-through-rate) was higher for the 360 video (4.51% vs 0.56%)

   APW(Average % watched) was 33% longer for the 360 video (37.1% vs 27.8%)

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What We Do

Our goal is to provide organisations and individuals with everything
they need to turn their dreams into reality.

360 Video Production

We offer services at each step of the journey. From the initial idea to the finished video, we aim to create high quality professional 360 video content. If you are interested in using 360 videos but aren’t sure on how to utilise it, we offer consultation services to figure out how it can effectively be incorporated into your existing business. If you do have an idea, we can offer advice on how to best achieve your goal. Our entire process is streamlined so you end up with your product as soon as possible.

Once the planning stage is finished we then move onto production: with our professional grade cameras we will shoot your desired locations in up to beautiful 8K resolution, accompanying it with spatial audio. Afterwards we will edit the video according to your desires, offering stitching, colour correction & addition of 3D graphics. Finally, we distribute the video in which we will send you the edited video in a lossless high quality format to ensure you end up with the best possible version of the video.

We also film events live in 360 with our 360 Live Stream service, allowing you to showcase your event in 360 to a global audience. This stream footage can then be used at a later time as a regular 360 video.

360 Production Workflow



Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
We strive to find innovative ways to incorporate VR technology into companies, projects and events.



All our footage is stabilised so that you are left with smooth footage.



We record with six 200° F.24 fisheye lenses, so we capture absolutely everything.



Virtual Dream uses industry standard equipment to record and edit in 8K resolution.



Multiple microphones allow for syncing audio sources with their location in the video.



We shoot crisp footage & slow motion shots, with our camera enabling up to 240 FPS.



Our professional editing software will leave you with a refined & quality video.



We offer a huge range of services. Here are just a few of the many great things we have to offer!
We can tailor a service for just about every need!



We use high end camera equipment to capture footage in stunning 8K Stereoscopic/Monoscopic (3D) UHD video. This is complimented by crisp 360° ambisonic spatial audio, which records the direction of audio sources to provide a truly immersive experience.

Underwater Footage

Got an underwater location you can’t film? No problem! We have waterproof camera rigs capable of capturing beautiful 4K UHD footage. We have licensed divers on hand to ensure a quality result every time.

Drone Footage

Take your video into the sky with the use of drones. If you have a location for shooting that you think would be best viewed from the air, we are able to provide stunning 4k aerial footage with our drone and licensed operator.

Post Production

At Virtual Dream we are also able to provide all the editing services you require: stitching, editing, colour correction and addition of 3D graphics/overlays. We aim to leave you with a polished and professional looking product that satisfies all your needs.


Our team can help you create multiple ways apply your 360° experience. We offer support in integrating 360 videos into your webpage, social media platforms or applications so that it can be easily accessed by your target audience.


We pride ourselves on quality service. We offer support and consultation services to businesses and production teams that are wondering how to best use our services and incorporate VR into their existing business structure.


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We’ve been around the world and captured so many amazing events and locations.
Here are just some of the brilliant scenes we have experienced.

The Lab
Home – A VR Spacewalk
Fantastic Contraption
Gun Club VR
Surgeon Simulator
Tilt Brush


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Industry Usage

360 videos can be utilised in a plethora of ways across many different industries.
Here are just a few ways 360 videos are being used.

Tourism Australia


Tourism Australia and Expedia partnered together to record several 360 videos as part of a marketing campaign which aimed to show travellers some of the best sites the country has to offer. The videos allow viewers a chance to experience several iconic scenes from around Australia, leading to a 9% visitation boost and 64% rise in engagement on Australia.com, with the average length of stay on the site exceeding an incredible 8 minutes. A survey of 1,500 people (500 UK, 500 USA, 500 AUS) found that 14% of US respondents, 18% of British respondents and nearly 50% of Australian respondents were aware of Travel Australia’s 360 video assets. These metrics translated into real results, contributing to a 104% growth in leads to the Australian tourism industry and a record-breaking year for Australian tourism. (6)


“[They] aren’t just Tourism Australia’s assets, they’re an industry development tool and a sale tool for consumers and trade partners. We’re encouraging travel agents and our other partners to use them as well. We especially saw the potential of having such content available too for frontline travel agents to also share these experiences with people considering Australia.”

John O’Sullivan – Tourism Australia Managing Director


“This campaign has been designed to be incredibly immersive and capture what it feels like to be in Australia and to experience for yourself being on, in or near the water. By using VR and 360 technology, we hope to inspire prospective travellers considering Australia for their next holiday and get them to take that crucial next step towards making a booking.”

Lisa Ronson – Tourism Australia CMO


New York Times


The New York Times has been experimenting with 360 videos for a while now with their NYT VR project. They have become professionals in utilising the strengths of the format to evoke greater interest, connection and empathy for the people and places they cover in their news pieces. One of their more powerful and effective uses of 360 videos was to accompany an award-winning news piece called “The Displaced”.

“The Displaced” investigated the refugee crisis, focusing on the 30 million children displaced by war and persecution by taking viewers into the lives of three individual children. The piece resonated with many readers and the social media response was overwhelmingly positive, with the hashtag #NYTVR trending soon after its launch. The average time spent engaging with the NYT app was 14.7 minutes which the producer (Andy Wight) described as “an unheard of metric for digital media.” The Displaced was responsible for kick starting the “Daily 360” and to this day the New York Times incorporates 360 videos into their stories and has produced more than twenty 360 films.



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