We offer multiple VR event hire services along with a large library of VR content
to serve a diverse range of event hire needs with VR.


If you’re hosting an event and are looking for VR event hire, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive Virtual Reality hire services. Be it a tradeshow, activation, party or something else entirely, we can help. Entertain your event attendees with breathtaking 360 videos or thrilling VR video games. We are highly customisable in what we offer, to meet your specific needs. Generally, however, our VR hire setup includes VR headsets, spectator TV’s, safety mats and a truss construction to mount equipment and a banner on.

Additionally, we can capture your event in 360 degrees with our 360 photography, 360 video and/or 360 live streaming services – check out our 360 Media page for more information.


"VR can be a powerful tool for impacting people’s
perceptions and actions in the real world."

Stephanie Moffet, Spokesperson for FEMA


Including Virtual Reality into your next event is the perfect way
to impress, entertain & educate your guests.


If you are looking to add something unique and interesting to your next event, Virtual Reality is a great way to impress people and get them talking positively about it: 81% of people who have tried a VR experience said they would tell their friends about it and the most common words used to describe VR experiences are ‘cool’, ‘like’, ‘awesome’, ‘excited’ and ‘fun’. (1) Even among those who have not already tried VR, 91% had positive feelings about it after watching an informational video on it and 65% are interested in it. (2) Those who have tried it think it is an amazing experience and those who haven’t are generally interested in it.

Virtual Reality Event Rental

Apart from using VR booths to entertain guests, they can also be utilised effectively by playing a pre-recorded 360 Video.  The nature of the video can be tailored to suit your event and desired effect, but the general idea is to display relevant content that correlates with the nature of your event to boost interest, engagement and social media mentions.

Lastly, if you host regular events recording the event in 360 can be a real marketing benefit as you will gain some incredible immersive 360 video/photo content, which generally performs better than standard video/photo on most marketing metrics. (3) (4) (5) For example, one of the largest music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland, released a 360 video called “360 Degrees of Madness” which captured the 2014 Tomorrowland Experience and allows viewers a chance to see what it can be like to visit the renowned event. It has proved to be excellent marketing material for its later concerts with the video acquiring 9.5 million views and 48,000 likes.



Each completed project makes us eager for more as Virtual Reality is something we are truly passionate about.
We strive not only to improve but to innovate and bring new ideas, experiences & technologies to life.


Google Street Views


Photos Uploaded


Completed Projects


Locations Captured


VR use at events can be highly beneficial for businesses as they generate interest
through interactivity and improve consumer sentiment towards brands.


Especially in a conference or similar corporate event it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but virtual reality can be a great tool for generating interest and engagement in your brand. At an Event Tech Live show in London, it was noticed that the exhibitors that had interactive experience were the ones that attracted most people to their booths. (7) This is not an isolated phenomenon and overall people prefer to experience things over being told things.

When compared to traditional 2D media, 360 videos and VR experiences elicit higher rates of engagement, interaction and emotional response. (8) Deutsche Bahn has found that after they began using VR at jobfairs they saw a 5x-10x increase in the amount of interested applicants and those that did apply were higher-quality and more interested. (9)


Quick Stats

There have been several studies (5) (2) done illuminating the positive effects VR has on fostering positive consumer sentiment.

  71% feel that using VR makes a brand seem forward thinking and modern.

   60% say a company using virtual reality creates a positive view of them.

 53% of adults say they would buy from brands that use VR over ones that don’t.

   61% of consumers would feel engaged with a brand that sponsors VR content.

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What We Do

Our goal is to provide organisations and individuals with everything
they need to turn their dreams into reality.

VR Event Hire

We offer services at each step of the journey from the initial idea to the end of the event. If you are interested in using virtual reality at your next event but aren’t sure on how to best utilise it, we offer consultation services to figure out how it can effectively be incorporated into your existing business. If you do have an idea, we can offer advice on how to best achieve your goal.

At the event our staff will arrive beforehand to setup the booth, which can be sized to your needs. This will be followed by some test runs to ensure everything is running smoothly and then they will facilitate the VR booth for the duration of the event. Primarily our staff will be managing the guests experiences and making sure that everyone interested gets a chance to try the VR booth. Other guests will be able to watch what each participant is seeing and doing with TV screens which will be playing footage from the VR experience.

VR Event Hire Workflow



We always aim to ensure our services meet your expectations and leave you happy.
We offer a highly customisable experience for your event, so no matter what you are doing we can help.



We offer a range of high quality VR headsets to cater to your specific needs.



Our knowledgeable & friendly staff will ensure a positive VR experience for all guests.



We offer VR experiences from a large & diverse library of 360 video & VR gaming content.



We offer televisions, so audiences can see what’s going on in the VR experience.



Your event can be covered in up to 8K 360 Video or Ultra HD 12K 360 Photographs.



With safety mats and a zoned off area, our VR experiences are completely safe.



We offer a huge range of services. Here are just a few of the many great things we have to offer!
We can tailor a service for just about every need!


VR Booth

If you are looking to host a virtual reality experience to an event we offer comprehensive packages that can be catered to fit your needs. Our standard setup comes with headsets, trained staff, spectating TV’s, speakers, safety mats and stanchions.

360 Live Streaming

Broadcasting your event coverage live to the world with our 360 live streaming service. Reach a global audience with our 4K video livestreaming, which we will run throughout the event. Afterwards, the footage will be sent to you for promotional material.

VR Rental

If you are looking to experience VR without our staff & VR booth, we also offer VR headset & equipment rental within Australia at competitive rates. Get into contact with us today for more information on products we rent.

360 Video & Photo Coverage

We also offer our services in 360 video & photo production so that any event you host can be fully captured from every angle. We offer up to 8K video and 12K photo coverage with professional grade cameras, as well as high quality 360 ambisonic audio.


Our team can help you create multiple ways apply your 360 experience. We offer support in integrating 360 videos into your webpage, social media platforms and/or applications so that it can be easily accessed by your target audience.


We pride ourselves on quality service. We offer support and consultation services to businesses and production teams that are wondering how to best use our services and incorporate VR into their existing business structure.


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Our extensive library of VR games and 360 videos contains a diverse range of experiences to cater for any event.

The Lab
Home – A VR Spacewalk
Fantastic Contraption
Gun Club VR
Surgeon Simulator
Tilt Brush


To keep up to date with our latest developments & projects, receive articles on virtual reality and its applications,
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Industry Usage

Across multiple industries businesses are finding ways to effectively promote their product or service with VR.
Below are just a few examples of how companies are utilising VR to their benefit.

FX Network


At the San Diego Comic-Con, the TV studio FX Network wanted to stand out from the hundreds of media companies that cater to the 130,000 annual attendees. The sixth season of their show American Horror Story was airing in the next few months and so to create some buzz hired a company to create a virtual reality experience. Attendees were asked to lie down as a group, a sheet was placed over them and a HTC Vive headset and headphones were attached. They were taken into the perspective of a body in a morgue (cleverly linking the real world to the virtual reality experience) and then taken through a 5 minute video that delved into common phobias like vertigo, claustrophobia and clowns as well as including some cameos of characters and settings from previous seasons of the show.

The experience produced 2 million social media impressions and over 440 million earned media impressions. (11) The reaction to it was so successful that FX Network decided to make a transportable version of it to take on tour and they later won the award in virtual reality for the 9th Annual Shorty Awards which focuses on the best uses of social media.



The French Cheese brand Boursin was hoping to expand their consumers to include a wider and younger customer base. In order to do this, they created they created the VR experience called the “Boursin Sensorium”. At events, lucky participants were fitted with an Oculus Rift headset and taken through a 360 video of a virtual fridge to experience various flavouring ingredients. The combination of 360 video showcasing the various flavouring ingredients with tasting the relevant cheeses led to an incredibly powerful marketing experience. To boost the marketing potential videos of the participants engaging in the experience were sent back to them to be shared on social media.

The campaign led to an increased social reach of 5 million, with 80 000 video views on YouTube. Professionals were also impressed, as the campaign went on to win “Masters of Marketing“ Award and were runners up for “Best Augmented/Virtual Reality Technology“ Award at the Event Tech Awards.



The Tequila company Patron has developed a 360 video that follows the journey of their Tequila production from the agave fields all the way to being served at a party. Whenever Patron has events it sets up a virtual reality booth to give audiences a chance to show the production process from start to end. This is a great example of creating an engaging, educating and interesting experience for attendees. It is also beneficial in helping to increase brand confidence by showing the entire story of their tequila from start to finish.



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