Virtual Tours

At Virtual Dream we offer virtual tour production and editing to showcase your establishment to a wide audience
while highlighting key features in an engaging and immersive media format.

Virtual Tour Production

As one of the leading Virtual Tour companies in Australia, we offer professional advice at every step of the virtual tour production process. From initial consultation to distribution of the content. If you do have an idea, we can offer advice on how to best achieve your goal by utilising the various features of the Virtual Tour format.

Once the planning stage is finished we then move onto production. With our professional grade cameras we will shoot your desired locations in up to beautiful 12K resolution. Afterwards we will edit the 360 photos/video according to your desires. This is where we will include any additional information you would like added to the tour. Following this, we will upload and share your tour in your preferred method. We also offer Google Maps integration services to quickly allow the public to engage with your tour.


Each completed project makes us eager for more as Virtual Reality is something we are truly passionate about.
We strive not only to improve but to innovate and bring new ideas, experiences & technologies to life.


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What we do

Our goal is to provide organisations and individuals with everything
they need to turn their dreams into reality.

Virtual Tours are a way to take viewers along for an interactive tour of your establishment, allowing you to provide detailed visual information in a visceral way. They can be either an extended 360 Video or a series of 360 Photos or videos that are linked together. As viewers are taken through the tour they can look around in all directions to focus on what interests them, while additional information can be programmed to pop up when looking at a relevant visual item to give them further details on features you wish to highlight.

Our Virtual Tour production team are able to customise your tour based on what you would like to include, with a wide range of options available. This includes 3D graphics, text pop ups, audio narration, support for live guided tours, floor plans/models and much more. Informational hotspots can be customised quite thoroughly to deliver additional information to users in an engaging way.


Our friendly team at Virtual Dream always strive to go above and beyond in
offering the highest quality in our production and service.



All our footage is stabilised so that your tour will be as smooth as possible.



Draw attention to key features with pop up 3d models, graphics text or audio.


Take your clients along with you as you guide them virtually via video call through your site.



We shoot beautiful footage, with our camera allowing up to Ultra HD 12K.


Multiple microphones allow for syncing audio sources with their location in the tour.



Include a floor plan to your Virtual Tour to aid in navigation when touring the site.



Showcase your facility with stunning footage in up to 8K resolution.



With an audio commentary, you can help guide viewers through your virtual tour.


Publish your Virtual Tours straight to Google Street View to allow anyone to take a tour!

Virtual Tour Options

Our team can offer various Virtual Tour options
based on the specific use case and requirements you have.

Virtual Tour Software Options

At Virtual Dream, our Virtual Tour production team is flexible in the software they utilise. As the Virtual Tour market has expanded rapidly over the course of a few years, many different companies have created various programs for creating, editing and distributing Virtual Tours. These programs all differ slightly and some are best suited to particular use cases (i.e. Matterport has 3D floor plans and other features aimed towards real estate Virtual Tours). 3dVista offers a wide range of tools for creating engaging Virtual Tours while also having a feature for live guided tours, meaning it would also be applicable for real estate.

If you already have a specific software in mind our team will use that, if not then various options will be recommended to you based on what features you would like to include. We use different software on a per-job basis based on what will be best for delivering the client’s vision.

Using Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are extremely flexible, and as such have
an incredibly diverse number of industries that can use them for various purposes.


We use high end camera equipment to capture footage in incredible 8K Stereoscopic/Monoscopic (3D) UHD video. Complimenting this is crisp 360° ambisonic spatial audio, providing a truly immersive experience.


VR is being incorporated into the existing business structures of many organisations, with use cases like: conferences, trade shows, training & induction, corporate events, marketing and much more.


VR is a huge benefit at any brand activation. It is a crowd pleaser, keeping attendees entertained in immerse experiences that allows for customisation to compliment the purpose of the specific event.


Festivals are integrating VR into their operation to capture festival content. It also provides engaging and unique entertainment that will captivate audience members and provide memorable experiences.


We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our products or services.