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At Virtual Dream we offer virtual tour production and editing to showcase your establishment to a wide audience
while highlighting key features in an engaging and immersive media format.


Virtual tours are a way to take viewers along for an interactive tour of your establishment, allowing you to provide detailed visual information in a visceral way. They can be either an extended 360 Video or a series of 360 Photos or videos that are linked together. As viewers are taken through the tour they can look around in all directions to focus on what interests them, while additional information can be programmed to pop up when looking at a relevant visual item to give them further details on various features you wish to highlight.

"Why shouldn’t people be able to teleport wherever they want?"

Palmer Luckey, Founder of Oculus VR


Virtual Tours offer people the chance to visit locations & have experiences
that would otherwise be just a dream.


A Virtual tour is highly customisable, allowing you to build an experience catered to your audience and marketing/promotion goals. They are an excellent way to showcase your site, giving potential customers a chance to preview your establishment virtually. This can help them to determine if they would like to visit in person or be used to build consumer confidence in your establishment/business. People are interested by virtual tours and find them enticing, so it can be a great way to reach those who would otherwise not be interested in visiting or using your business. Alternatively, it can be used to get virtual visits from those who are unable to visit in person due to physical limitations.




Each completed project makes us eager for more as Virtual Reality is something we are truly passionate about.
We strive not only to improve but to innovate and bring new ideas, experiences & technologies to life.


Google Street Views


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Virtual Tours are offering businesses a new and engaging way to cost effectively promote themselves,
engage with a wider audience and to help drive on-site visitations.


As our newsfeeds and lives become filled with an ever increasing number of advertising campaigns all striving to compete for our limited attention, virtual tours create a memorable and engaging experience that allows you to stand out from your competitors while also increasing consumer confidence by giving potential visitors the ability to tour your site before visiting. (1) Having a virtual tour also resonates well with consumers who feel the use of virtual reality makes a company seem forward thinking/modern, with 53% of adults saying they would choose a brand that uses VR over one that doesn’t. (2)

Overall people enjoy virtual tours as they are a compelling and immersive format that can allow themselves to really feel like they are visiting the location. Not only that, people want to see more of them, so instead of trying to promote yourself with an easily forgettable traditional photo or video campaign, why not be innovative and use a virtual tour?


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What We Do

Our goal is to provide organisations and individuals with everything
they need to turn their dreams into reality.

Virtual Tour Production

We are one of the leading virtual tour companies, offering professional content at every step of the virtual tour production process – from initial consultation to distribution of the content. If you do have an idea, we can offer advice on how to best achieve your goal by utilising the benefits of the virtual tour format.

Once the planning stage is finished we then move onto production: with our professional grade cameras we will shoot your desired locations in beautiful 8K resolution. Afterwards we will edit the photos/video according to your desires. We offer stitching, colour correction & addition of 3D graphics. The final step is distributing the tour in which we will send you the edited video in a lossless high-quality format to ensure you end up with the high quality version of the photos. We streamline the entire process so that you are left with your virtual tour as soon as possible.

360 Production Workflow



Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
We strive to find innovative ways to incorporate VR technology into companies, projects and events.



All our footage is stabilised so that your tour will be as smooth as possible.



Draw attention to key features with pop up graphics, text & audio.



We shoot beautiful footage, with our camera allowing up to Ultra HD 12K.



Multiple microphones allow for syncing audio sources with their location in the tour.



Showcase your facility with stunning footage in up to 8K resolution.



With an audio commentary, you can help guide viewers through your virtual tour.



We offer a huge range of services. Here are just a few of the many great things we have to offer!
We can tailor a service for just about every need!


360 Video Tour

With our professional grade camera we can capture a beautiful 4K video virtual tour. This will be accompanied either with live audio, music or audio narration.

360 Photo Tour

By taking a series of 8K photographs and linking them together we can deliver stunning photographic virtual tours. We will add in any points of interest highlighting features you want viewers to be aware of, as well as being able to add in audio narration and background ambient noise.

Drone Footage

With our licensed drone operator, we are able to capture your entire site from the skies, offering an amazing perspective for viewers. Drone footage can be used either to create an entire virtual tour from an aerial POV, or can be seamlessly integrated into a video tour.

Post Production

At Virtual Dream we are also able to provide all the editing services you require: stitching, editing, colour correction and addition of 3D graphics/overlays.


After producing the virtual tour, we offer support in integrating it into your website, social media platforms, GoogleMaps listing and/or application. We can also add it to the Google Virtual Tours list and provide you a weblink so that it can always be easily viewed, shared and liked.


We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box and to come up with innovative ways to apply virtual reality to any business. Therefore, we offer consultation services to businesses and production teams that are wondering how to best use our services. Get in contact today and it would be our pleasure to offer advice.


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We’ve been around the world and captured so many amazing events and locations.
Here are a few establishments we’ve had the pleasure to help promote with the creation of our virtual tours.

The Lab
Home – A VR Spacewalk
Fantastic Contraption
Gun Club VR
Surgeon Simulator
Tilt Brush


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Industry Usage

Virtual tours offer businesses an incredible way to promote themselves.
Below we have compiled some examples of how virtual tours can be used.



Cruiseabout is an Australian travel agency that (not so surprisingly) focuses on cruises and as such are a great candidate for virtual reality, as studies show 48% of people are interested in using VR to preview a resort or cruise. (3) As they keep up to date with the various cruise lines promotional material they noticed many of them had released 360 virtual tours and decided to capitalise on it, a solid move considering 19% of Australian consumers have used VR to book a holiday destination and 30% of consumers plan to use VR in the future to assist with choosing a holiday destination (4). On their website they have compiled virtual tours of cruise ships from P&O, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises & Carnival. While this alone would help drive sales, Cruiseabout took it a step further by purchasing Samsung Gear headsets for various stores across Australia and inviting customers in to try the tour themselves with a VR headset.

Bryan Museum


In the town of Galveston, Texas the Bryan Museum hosts a large collection of historical artifacts, documents and artwork relating to Texas and the American West. Unfortunately, many schools were unable to get resources or funding to attend this site due to the large size of Texas, so the Bryan Museum decided to create a virtual tour to showcase the best parts of its collection. A VR app was built that offered a 360 video tour that follows three young students along with a tour guide who explains the history behind objects of interest. Text overlays and detailed 3D models were programmed to float to the foreground when looking at objects, adding extra relevant information and engaging viewers. Additionally, an ‘off rails’ version was constructed to allow people to experience the museum at their own pace. The Bryan Museum then went on to distribute this virtual tour to schools across Texas. This project is a great example of how VR can be used to overcome physical limitations and engage a wider audience virtually. Here’s what they had to say:

“The best part about visiting a museum is being able to see historical artifacts up close and personal – to notice all of the brushstrokes and colors that can’t be brought to life in a textbook. For The Bryan Museum, one of our main priorities was to recreate that experience in VR. With this focus, our team was able to create incredibly accurate 3D models of the artifacts and give users a 360 look at the details and textures of each piece.”

Chris Furgason – Bryan Museum Director of Production



As one of the most popular annual US music festivals with a large base of younger attendants, Coachella saw an opportunity to build hype for their 2016 event using by using virtual reality. Prior to the event Coachella sent attendees a custom branded Google Cardboard headset along with their tickets. Not only did Coachella offer a Virtual Tour of the festival grounds, it also included 360 photos from previous years and videos of interviews with performers they would be seeing at the upcoming event. Additionally, they live streamed the event itself with a 360 Live Stream, demonstrating that they are an organisation that is dedicated to effectively utilising emerging technology to improve their event experience.



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