Why use VR installations?

VR use at events can be highly beneficial for businesses as they generate interest
through interactivity and improve consumer sentiment towards brands.


VR experiences are highly memorable and engaging.

Cost Effective

VR provides long term cost efficient experiences.


The experience can be customised to suit your needs.


As VR continues to mature as an industry, more and more businesses and organisations will be able to utilise this disruptive technology. This will not only allow for supplementing existing ways of doing things, but will open up entirely new methods for interacting with your target demographic. VR Installations offer forward thinking decision makers the opportunity to make use of VR’s unique strengths.

While the potential use cases for VR Installations is incredibly diverse, there are some common benefits that can be identified. VR experiences can be far more engaging and memorable than a ‘normal’ visit to your establishment and are sure to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, VR Installations can be highly cost effective, especially if using pre-made experiences. Even if a custom designed VR experience is created, after the initial production costs there are very few further expenses associated with running a VR Installation.